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Custom Solar Solution

Blue Solaria mainly focus on customized small solar panels and medium size solar panels in different shapes, sizes, power outputs according to client's specific needs. Below are some tipes for inquiring a customized solar panel. .
Custom Solar Panel Processing Steps:
• Step 1: Explain your requirements
• Step 2: Panel design & quotation
• Step 3: Engineering & prototype
• Step 4: Mass production
How to Inquire a Small Solar Panel?  2019-08-13
To inquire a customized small solar panel, please kindly share with us below details of the solar panel you need, we can then design a suitable solar panel based on your requirement for your solar project.
1) What's the condition and application that the solar panel will be used?
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How to Inquire a Small Solar Panel?
Solar Cell Type Comparison  2019-08-13
Solar cells are the core component of solar panels, so choosing which solar panels to use is critical. The following is a brief introduction and comparison of several different types of solar cells. 1) Crystalline Silicion Solar Cell (Mono vs. Poly)Mono solar cell's efficiency & price higher than poly
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Solar Cell Type Comparison
Solar Panel Encapsulation  2019-08-13
Since a single piece of solar cell is too small in output power to meet conventional power requirements, it needs to be encapsulated as a solar module to increase its output power. Encapsulation is a key step in the production of solar cells. Without a good encapsulation process, even the best solar cells cannot produce good solar modules.
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Solar Panel Encapsulation
Solar Panel Voltage vs. Battery Voltage  2019-08-13
Tips: when the battery is charged by the solar panel, the voltage of the solar panel should exceed 20%-30% of the working voltage of the battery to ensure normal charging of the battery.The battery is an important component of the solar power supply system. Its main function is to store the electric energy generated by the solar panel in the battery immediately for use by the electric equipment.
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Solar Panel Voltage vs. Battery Voltage
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