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Beijing Mobile IoT connection has exceeded 60 million

Source:Bluesolaria    Time:2019-10-15

At the China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance Smart City Innovation Application Forum held recently, Wang Wenming, deputy general manager of Beijing Mobile, said that up to now, Beijing Mobile's IoT connection has accumulated more than 60 million units, including smart cities, car networking, smart finance, Intelligent manufacturing and many other fields.


As early as October 2017, Beijing Mobile became the first provincial operator in China to surpass the number of individual users in the number of IoT connections. In September 2018, the number of IoT connections reached twice the number of individual users.


In order to fully support the construction of “Smart Beijing”, Beijing Mobile is surrounded by smart cities, supported by 5G+AICDE, and with the Beijing Municipal Government, district and county governments and commissioned offices in urban security, population resolution, emergency command, environmental protection, Cooperation in the direction of government affairs and other departments to help improve the level of refined management of the city, Wang Wenming said.


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According to Wang Wenming, in the future, Beijing Mobile will focus on three aspects of work.

First, in strengthening information infrastructure, it has reached a government-cloud cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Government, leading the "Internet + government affairs" to the foundation and laying the foundation for smart city services.


Second, in terms of improving management efficiency, we will give full play to the advantages of the Internet of Things technology and provide smart city management services for Dongcheng District, covering many vertical areas such as environmental protection, transportation, security, law enforcement, etc., to create a city management integration platform, and to grasp the urban operation status in real time. It has cooperated with Changping Future Science City and Fangshan Liangxiang Higher Education Park in the management of the park to provide a series of park management capabilities.


Third, in terms of innovation-driven development, give full play to the advantages of Beijing mobile site and frequency resources, continuously accelerate the coverage of 5G boutique network, build a ubiquitous intelligent infrastructure centered on 5G, and integrate AICDE technology to promote Beijing's “15. A "5G action plan landing. At present, Beijing Mobile has completed the pilot application of innovative applications in multiple scenarios, and has continuously promoted the wide application of 5G technology in smart buildings, smart communities, smart campuses, smart factories, smart tourism and other fields.


Finally, Wang Wenming said that looking at the future and building a new smart city is an inevitable trend in the development of the current era and an important foundation for building a smart society in the future. Beijing Mobile will actively promote the deep integration and scale application of 5G+AICDE and the real economy, focus on key areas such as intelligent material association and integration innovation, and work together with the industry chain to create an industrial ecosystem with complementary capabilities, resource sharing and win-win cooperation.


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