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  Blue Solaria Co., Ltd. from China is a leading manufacturer in custom sized, flexible and high-efficiency solar panels. Since 2006 we have been designing, contract manufacturing and marketing easy-to-use solar panel for self-powered devices. Chargers converting ambient solar energy into usable electrical energy can provide an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.
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Add: ChaoHuiLou Industrial Park, Huating Road, Dalang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. China
Tel: (86) 755 2322 3045
Fax: (86) 755 8962 8023
       Product Category
     Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels
  10V 1.9 Watts PET Solar Module
  180mA 3V PET Laminated Solar Panel
  2V 100mA Mini Semicircular Solar Panel
  6V 200mA Oval-shaped Solar Panel
  5.5V 100mA Epoxy OEM Solar Panel
9 V 1.7 W Small Custom Solar Panel
  0.5W 125mA Square Solar Module
  150mA Solar Panel for Bollard Lighting
  Shaped Solar Panel 70mA 0.2W
  8V 1W Round Solar Panel
  340mA 3W White Framed PV Panel
  Plastic Framed Solar Panel 6.5W
  5.5W Semi Transparent Solar Panel
  1W 5V Solar Laminate Circular
  42W 12V PERC Solar Panel
  Textured ETFE Mini Solar Panel
     Thin Film Solar Panels
  1.1mm Solar Cells
  3.8V 30μA Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell
  100lux-use Solar Cell
  2V Indoor Solar Cell
  15x72x1.1mm Indoor PV Cell
  24x27x1.1mm 5V Indoor Solar Cell
  Welding Helmet-use Solar Cell
  4.5V Indoor Solar Module
  3.2mm Solar Cells
  4.8V 12mA Thin Film A-Si Solar Cell
  4.5V 90mA Thin Film A-Si Solar Module
  7V 60mA small amorphous silicon module
  Rigid Thin Film 6 V Solar Panel
  Flexible PV Modules
  3V 350mA Flexible Rollable Solar Panel
  2.5V 200mA Rollable Solar Panel
  1.5W 500mA Full Flexible Solar Cell
  1W 4.5V Flexible Solar Panel
  1W 1.5V Flexible Solar Module

monocrystalline solar panel polycrystalline solar panel multicrystalline solar module 5 volt solar cell
3V 10.8μA Indoor
Solar Cell
4V 50μA indoor
Solar Panel
3V 11.7μA indoor
Solar Cell
3V 12.5μA indoor
Solar Module
1 w 4v pet solar panel 1.2 watts 5v 240mA 2 w 8 v 0,25A solar module 9v photovoltaic module
3.3V 45mA ASI
Solar Module
2.5V 30mA Amorphous
Silicon Solar Cell
8V 10mA Amorphous
Silicon Solar Panel
2V 22mA Outdoor-use
Solar Cell
amorphous si solar cells thin film pv cell 3v 20mA  3 watts 18v solar panel 0.2A 17.5v 3.5w pv module
6 Volts 120 mA Round
Solar Panel
1.6 Watts 9V OEM
Solar Panel
1 Watt 5V Textured
Solar Panel
6V 160mA OEM
Solar Panel
4.5w 12v solar panel 5w 18.5v solar panel 1.5v indoor solar cell 2v outdoor asi solar module
2.5W 6V Glass
Solar Panel
4.5W 18V Customised
Solar Module
5V 3.7W All-black Photo
Voltaic Panel
6W 1A Flexible
Solar Panel
6w solar panel 12w solar panel amorphous silicon solar panel thin film solar module
180mA 5V 0.9W Solar Panel
5W 12V Narrow Photovoltaic Panel
1.8W 225mA Solar Panel Black
11W 9V 1.2A Electric Solar Panel
5w solar panel OEM solar module Sunpower flexible solar panel ETFE film encapsulated solar panel
Hexagonal Solar 1.5Watt 5.5 V Module
18-cell Customized Solar Panel
ETFE Film Solar Panel 0.6W 120mA
0.4W 130mA Tiny Sunpower Solar Panel

2w solar panel

4w solar panel

7w solar panel

8w solar panel

10V 5W OEM
Solar Panel
18V 22W Poly
Solar Panel
1.5W 0.3A Round
Solar Panel
1.4W 6Volt Round
Solar Panel

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